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Ocellus is a frontend to the Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR) with more than 180K images on Zenodo, 200K taxonomic treatments in TreatmentBank, and 800,000 citations on RefBank. Ocellus depends on Zenodeo, a nodejs API that queries, analyzes and aggregates results from these various repositories via a single, unified interface. Start typing in the search field and Ocellus will suggest from > 5100 taxonomic familes, or choose the fancy search interface to create more granular queries – Ocellus will retrieve the results for you.

For copyright information in the images, please consult the original record on Zenodo, BLR policies, and the applicable laws of your country. The half-fish in the footer is based on the original of a Blunt-Nosed Minnow, Pimephales notatus (Rafinesque) ♂ from the Internet Archive and has no known copyright restrictions. Please contact Plazi for more information or to provide feedback.